When it comes to our volunteers, we want to make sure that they understand our core values. TEACH – Trust, Excellence, Accountability, Collaboration, and Honesty & Integrity.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are a volunteer-based organization. Our volunteers are our family and we appreciate the hard-work and dedication they provide for the children and adults in our community. There are several volunteer opportunities available at the Palmetto Literacy Council and we are always looking for more tutors.

Who are our Volunteers?

Anyone who wishes to help

Our volunteers (many of which are tutors) come from all walks of life and want to improve the literacy rates in our community. They are retired educators, government workers, and business people. They are currently working full-time as educators, government workers, and business people. Our volunteers are also people who do not work full- or part-time jobs and want to help the community.

The volunteer tutors in our organization may work with school-age children and/or adults. They may tutor one or more students. Volunteers may also be interested in serving on our Board of Directors to help guide the organization toward our goals. Or our volunteers may assist in the operation of the office to ensure the success of the organization to thrive and benefit as many members of our community as needed.

Get Started:

We'll Help Get You Started Right Away

The first step for any volunteer is to contact us to let us know they are interested. We’ll ask you to complete an application packet (we can email it to you.) Next, we’ll do a criminal background check and invite you to a training session.

If you want  to be a tutor, we’ll match you with a student who wants to be tutored at the location you want to tutor at. It’s as easy as that! 

Once you’re doing what you signed up to do; a monthly report, due on the 1st of the month helps us track volunteer hours and/or student progress.

We can’t wait to work with you as a volunteer at Palmetto Literacy Council!

We Ask Our Volunteers To:

  • Spend about 2 hours each week for volunteer opportunities
  • Attend a Volunteer Tutoring Orientation
  • Submit information so that a criminal background check can be completed
  • Attend training for tutoring or other duties

Opportunities Include:

  • Tutoring school-age children in Basic Reading
  • Tutoring school-age children in Basic Writing
  • Tutoring school-age children in Basic Math
  • Tutoring adults in Basic Reading
  • Tutoring adults in Basic Writing
  • Tutoring adults in Basic Math
  • Working on committees such as: Marketing, Fundraising, Finance
  • Helping with Social Media: Facebook, Instagram,  etc.
  • Assessing new students
  • Publishing Newsletters
  • Assisting office staff
  • Fundraising
  • Planning Events
  • Working in Public Relations

Meet a Tutor!


Meet Samih Baalbaki, a PLC Tutor! Samih currently works with three students in the Adult Learning Program. He was excited to take on the challenge of working with adults to help them improve their English language skills.
Samih, who is multilingual, speaks Spanish, and this has been a tremendous asset in working with his students. Two of his students are women (one works in construction and the other in housekeeping). A third student is a 16-year- old girl who is in the tenth grade.
“I respect and admire the fact that they want to learn. It’s not easy for them. Learning a language is a big investment.” -Samih
Thanks Samih for being a dedicated volunteer!!!

Strength-Based Language!

We use strength-based language. What is strength-based language? We talk about where you are and what do we need to do next. It has nothing to do with “should”, “could”, or “would.” It has everything to do with finding out where we are and figuring out where we want to go and how. What happened in the past, is just that, the past. Let’s move forward!

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