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We are a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(3)c, volunteer organization. We provide 2 hours each week, free tutoring for school-age children to adults who struggle with basic reading, writing, and math.

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We are a volunteer-based organization. Our volunteers are our family and we appreciate the hard-work and dedication they provide for the children and adults in our community. There are several volunteer opportunities available at the Palmetto Literacy Council and we are looking to fill those opportunities.

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We want to provide education to a wide range of people in need of learning to read, write, or do math. We’re looking for students ages 6–99 years old who are struggling with reading, writing, and/or math. Free tutoring is available to all.

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Our Trusted

We’re partnered and associated with many local organizations to help support our cause. See what you can do to join us to help those who are struggling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Palmetto Literacy Council is in Horry County because there is a need. We are here to help school-age children to adults learn how to read, write, and do basic math to function and/or earn a GED, high school diploma, or succeed in school.

The simple answer is no, they do not qualify for tutoring. Palmetto Literacy Council is here to help those school-age children to adults who struggle to learn basic reading, writing, and math skills. We suggest advanced students seek assistance from their instructors or a tutoring program designed for advanced learning.

Tutoring sessions are 2 hours each week. We hope our volunteers who are helping in other ways spend at least 2 hours each week as well. However, we also encourage those that have the time volunteer as a tutor and/or on committees (see volunteer opportunities).

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Check out our annual newsletter for this year’s events and our year end review.

You too can help our community

Palmetto Literacy Council takes pride in its efforts to help those in need of learning to read, write, or perform math. Together, with our volunteers, staff, and supporters, we can continue making a difference. By making a donation, your support directly helps fund our cause and contributes to our community.

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