May 2020 Newsletter

We hope you’re staying safe

You are on our minds. We want to make sure you are safe and healthy and we keep it that way.
What we know for now……

  1. Horry County Libraries are open. You can browse for no more than 20 minutes. That means they are not a location for tutoring. A mask must be worn when entering any library.
  2. Chapin Memorial Library will open June 1. There will be no space available for tutoring. A mask must be worn when entering the library.
  3. Look for an email with the approved procedures we will use to re-open tutoring. The procedures will include, at a minimum, that everyone must wear a mask when tutoring and that there will be a set of procedures that must be followed and signed by all volunteers and students (students’ families).
  4. Everyone is anxious. I’m hearing from folks they are ready to start tutoring today and some want to wait. Please contact your tutor or student and find out where they are about getting started again.
  5. We do offer on-line tutoring. It’s a little different than being right there with your tutor or student, but it appears to be working for those who are trying it. Let the office know if that is something you are willing to try. It will still be one-to-one tutoring using GoogleMeets/Hangouts. Contact Dodi for more information.
  6. If you want to tutor, please find a public place you can meet with your student or tutor (this may be something the student or student’s family can help with), then let the office know where that location will be in order for it to be approved.
    We’ve had a couple of student’s families and tutors who wanted to get started and private homes were offered as places to tutor. You are only to meet in a public setting. Find a park bench, throw a quilt on the ground, or a place at the beach far (minimum of 6 feet) from others. You will need to wear a mask throughout the tutoring session.
    We know that some (or many) of you know someone who has experienced this virus. For some, the virus is uncomfortable and for others, there is a different outcome. For those of us who have lost someone, we want you to know that our thoughts are with you and your family. We wish you peace, comfort, and hope that you may be surrounded by strength and compassion during this time.
    As you know, our community is important to all of us. Please be safe, wear a mask, social distance, and stay healthy.


Even though we have been temporarily closed, we are continuing to accept requests for tutoring. Once it is safe to do so, we will begin to schedule these new students for their initial meetings. We will also be scheduling a New Tutor Orientation and Training once the libraries have opened. Please remember to mention our organization to those who express an interest in wishing to tutor or to those who express a need to be tutored.


As you may be aware, PLC is a nonprofit organization. We rely heavily on donations, both individual and business, and grants. Due to the recent events, our opportunities to fundraise have been severely limited. We are in the process of brainstorming to find other avenues to use in order to raise funds. A new committee has been organized for this purpose. If you are interested in joining this committee or have any ideas to share, please contact the office at [email protected].


Tutoring sessions have been suspended while the libraries have limited hours. However, there are some tutors who have been working on-line with their students. Once the school’s libraries have fully opened, we will contact our students and tutors to re-establish schedules. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dodi (843- 945-9278 or [email protected]).


Before regular tutoring sessions restart, we will be implementing new procedures to ensure that everyone remains safe. We will be scheduling sessions for both our tutors and our students to review these procedures. If you wish to receive a copy of these procedures, please feel free to contact our office.


We are in need of a volunteer who would like to serve as a Treasurer on our Board of Directors. This person must be able to assist the Executive Director with the financial aspects of the council. Currently, our Board meets every third Thursday at 6:30 P.M. If you are interested, or know of anyone who is interested, please contact Dodi Hodges at [email protected] or 843-945-9278.


Did you know that it costs PLC approximately $300.00 to provide one student with the materials needed to tutor that student for one year? In an effort to raise funds for the council, we are looking for local businesses that are willing to help us out. Businesses may help by either :

  • Purchasing advertising space in our newsletter ($25.00 a year for a business card-sized space). Our newsletter is sent to approximately 100 individuals per month or having a business donate a percentage of a sale to PLC if the customer mentions us.
  • If you know of a business that would like to participate in either program, please either forward the contact information to the office (we would be more than happy to make this contact) or have the business contact us directly. ([email protected] or 843-945-9278).

Of course, if there are businesses that wish to make a donation, that would be great!!


PLC is sponsoring an online raffle. If you have an item to donate (for example, an arts & craft item), please let the office know. We will need to have these items in the office no later than June 15, 2020. We can arrange to meet you to pick up the item(s).


In next month’s issue, we will be starting a new feature!! One of our volunteers will be interviewing local authors. These interviews will be published in the newsletter. In the Fall, we hope to schedule a Virtual Authors’ Panel. Stay tuned for further information!!

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