CCU Intern, Sarah Wamsley, Joins PLC

Sarah Wamsley

Sarah Wamsley is a Coastal Carolina University senior majoring in Hispanic Studies. She started the internship at Palmetto Literacy Council in January 2024. As an intern at Palmetto Literacy Council, she combines language skills with a passion for helping people learn English as a second language.


  • Born in Korea. Korean is her first language 
  • She came to the U.S. in 2011 when she was 13.
  • She lived with stepparents. Stepmom spoke Korean, but Dad did not. 
  • Sarah stayed away from Dad because she didn’t understand him. 
  • Later she learned that Dad thought Sarah didn’t like them. 
  • Went to school, and took ESL. Other kids were curious and asked lots of questions. She had to learn English to survive. 
  • During the 10th grade Sarah started feeling more comfortable with English. She worked herself up to honors classes, made friends, and was finally in higher levels (grades) where the prime focus was on grades. 
  • She learned Spanish in high school and ended up majoring in Hispanic studies. 
  • In the future she hopes to use her Spanish education in curriculum coordination. “I just want to help people and to use my language skills.”
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