Bill’s Photo Tips for Tutors

Your student has achieved a milestone and you need to send a photo for the newsletter, the website, or the PLC Facebook page. Here are some easy tips to make it look better.


  • Position yourself and your “tutee” so that your head and theirs are at about the same level. If there is a big difference in height, sit in a chair or kneel down while they stand next to you. Don’t just bend forward – that makes you look weird.

  • “Selfies” are fine but if you hold the camera too low, we’ll be looking up your noses.

  • Think about the background. A wall of books is great. A comfy reading nook is great. The Xerox machine next to the door to the men’s room – not so great. You don’t need to be flat up against the background. It’s background, not a support to hold you up.

  • The lighting in most libraries is nice and even. Modern cell phones can do a great job with almost any light.  Be sure you’re not standing directly under a ceiling light; it will cast shadows on your faces. The best situation would be if the person taking the photo was standing with their back to a window while you and your tutee were facing the window. However, stay out of the direct beam of sunlight; the light will be too harsh.

  • Don’t hesitate to take more than one shot. We don’t need all of them. Send us the one with all four eyes open and two half-decent facial expressions.

  • Please send your photos via email only to [email protected], so we can keep better track of what comes in. We want to make sure your student and their certificate show up in the newsletter and on Facebook.


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