Math Strategies for Parents

Here are some strategies parents can use to help their child with math. They are intended to help increase your child’s understanding of math skills and to develop confidence in learning. We’ll provide more parent strategies in subsequent newsletters.

Provide activities that enrich and relate mathematics to daily life:

  • Talk about how many bowls to put out for dinner
  • Fold napkins in different shapes
  • Have your child count similar items as you put away groceries
  • Have your child help measure ingredients for recipes
  • Give your child change to count out to pay for small purchases at the store; have older children calculate the change
  • Ask your child to compare prices of items by asking things like, “Which can of beans costs more?”
  • Allow your child to weigh the fresh produce; have older children calculate the price by multiplying the price per pound by the number of pounds
  • Read the days and dates on a calendar, talk about the number of days in the month, the number of days remaining until a special event, etc.
  • Draw a scale map of your home and determine the best escape route in case of an emergency
  • When traveling, write numbers on a grid and have your child color in the box as they see the numbers on signs or license plates
  • Check your child’s assignment list daily
Editor’s note: This information is from the Northwestern Evaluation Association
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