Ten Oaks Middle School Book Donation to PLC

Ten Oaks Middle School Donates Priceless Gift to PLC

Books. Books. Books. Like the Palmetto Literacy Council (PLC) volunteers, students, and parents, they are a precious commodity. Books open doors to new worlds and instill ideas and knowledge to questioning minds. Books, in short, enrich lives. They – and the love of reading them – is a gift you give yourself with the right encouragement.

But sometimes, if you’re lucky, the gift is given to you by someone else. Such was the case on May 20, when the students, staff, and parents of Ten Oaks Middle School in Carolina Forest donated 250 books to the Palmetto Literacy Council. 

Members of the Ten Oaks Student Council were guided by Michael Frazzini, eighth-grade English Language Arts teacher and student council advisor. When asked why donate the books to the Palmetto Literacy Council, Mr. Frazzini said, “I searched for local organizations that need books, and the Palmetto Literacy Council was one of the first that popped up on Google. “I looked on the (PLC) website and liked what I read, and that there was a need for ‘gently used books,’” he said.

Ten Oaks Middle School student council members include (left to right):

  • Nicolette N., secretary
  • Sophie G., vice-president
  • Eiliyah M., student body president
  • Addison B., treasurer

(Michael Frazzini, the student council advisor, is in the rear.)

The idea for the book drive, said Frazzini, was Addison’s, but enthusiasm for the project permeated the entire school.

“I love books,” said Addison, “so it seemed fitting.” Addison said student council members would drop by each classroom every morning to pick up donated books. “It only took a week to collect 250,” she said.

“And it’s great to see that these books (no longer read by their former owners), are repurposed and reused,” said Nicolette. “They will help expand the learning abilities of (PLC students).”

After loading up the PLC van with boxes of books, it was a natural question to ask these bright, engaging, and well-spoken student body members, who love to read, “What’s your favorite book?”

Addison had a ready answer. “A Court of Thorns and Roses.”

Nicolette was eager to share her favorites: “The entire Harry Potter series, and “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

The other student council members were a little more hesitant, not because they didn’t have anything to say, but because there were too many favorites to name – a problem shared by book lovers everywhere.

“The donated books will be put to good use,” said Dr. Dodi Hodges, executive director of the Palmetto Literacy Council. 

“This is such a wonderful gift,” she said. “I can’t thank Ten Oaks Middle School and the entire student body and staff, enough for their generosity. The books will positively impact our students and the students that follow. It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” said Dr. Hodges. 

“That makes it a win-win situation for everyone,” said Mr. Frazzini.

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