The Importance of Literacy

How it can affect our future

Literacy makes an impact on everyone

Illiteracy is more than just a personal problem, it’s an issue that affects the future of our community as a whole. Students who are sufficiently literate will statistically make better decisions in the future by choosing proper health care and avoiding jail time. Through proper education, students and people alike can make better decisions in the future that helps us grow as a community.

If we were to help everyone in the United States to learn to read and write at a functional level, we could statistically save 200 billion dollars annually. These costs include cutting down health-related issues, lowering emergency room visits, decreasing arrests and jail time, and increasing employment rates. Literacy can be a self-sustaining system, but we need to get the ball rolling.

You can help change that

Right now, South Carolina is falling behind nationally in the literacy rates. We are currently the 13th highest rate in illiteracy nationwide. While statistically, our state has been improving steadily over the years, we need your help to keep doing better as a community by providing proper education and awareness to this worldwide problem.

You too can make a difference by helping us achieve our goal. Donate today or become a volunteer!

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