April 2022

From the Director:

Dear Friends,  

Things are getting busy this spring at PLC! In April we will be participating at three volunteer fairs: one hosted by the North Myrtle Beach Chamber Foundation on April 20 from 3:00 to 6:00 and two hosted by Horry Georgetown Technical College at the Conway and Myrtle Beach campuses. These events are great opportunities
to recruit volunteer tutors. We are looking for volunteers to help out on 
April 12 from 10 to 12 in Myrtle Beach and April 14 from 10 to 12 in Conway. We need people in the following capacities: Help set up tables/put away items at the end
and talk to students about volunteering
. If you are interested, contact [email protected].

I am excited to be participating at the Coastal Carolina TEDx conference Inspiring Change” on April 23. Please see page 2 for more information. Id love to see you there!

We are gearing up for our 2022 fundraising efforts and have planned a wonderful event at TGI Fridays in Murrells Inlet on Tuesday April 28 from 4:00 to 8:00. Use the coupon (page 3) and 20% of your meal price will be donated to PLC. Lets all meet for dinner and support the work PLC is doing to improve literacy in Horry County.

PLC will also be participating at the Inlet Queens Outdoor Market on May 1 from 9:00 to 4:00. Stop by our table and check out what were selling. Your purchase helps support our organization.

Our goal is to be the center for literacy education and training in Horry County. To that end, we continue to find ways to reach students who are in need of our services. We appreciate the financial support provided by our community partners and by individuals alike.

Please consider making a donation today at our website: www.palmettoliteracy.org.

Look for ways to share your love of reading with others and spread the word that books are the key to success.



Dodi Hodges Executive Director 




Dodi Hodges
Executive Director


If you do not wish to get this newsletter, please email and put UNSUBSCRIBE NEWSLETTER in the subject line.

TEDx, CCU, April 23, 2022

As the weather warms and COVID fears lessen, people are venturing out more. Many are clearly starved for human interaction and conversation, and generally more talkative. Some conversations are extended not because of weightiness but to assure more friendly interaction. In recognition of this phenomenon, the word for the month is loquacious.

Loquacious is an adjective built on the back of the loquacity – the characteristic of being talkative or wordy. The term appeared in English around the 13th century a derivation of the Latin loquax, talkative,and loqui to speak.

Garrulous, gabby, chatty, and talky are some of the synonyms of this word, appearing in French as loquace, and Spanish as locuaz. Sentence: when John finds himself in an uncomfortable situation, he tends to be loquacious.

Mark your calendars:

Dr. Dodi Hodges will be a speaker at the Coastal Carolina University TEDx conference on April 23, 2022. Her talk is titled: Building Community Through Literacy.The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration Buildings Johnson Auditorium.

The event theme is Inspiring Change, and speakers will discuss issues regarding education, homelessness, the environment, worker cooperatives, literacy and criminal justice. The event is open to the public. Tickets are limited and may be purchased at the link provided below. 

The Logophile

Preston McKever-Floyd



Ashlyn Brierre, Civil Rights Activist – Voting Rights

Jaime McCauley, Associate Professor of Sociology – Community Change and the Environment

Jennifer Schlosser, Assistant Professor of Sociology -Criminal Justice

Leo Woodberry, Community Activist – Environmental Justice

Mal Hyman, Professor of Sociology
Sara Brallier, Professor of Sociology – Homelessness

Valeria Evans, Family and Youth Advocate Marley Mac, Founder The Better Together Initiative



April 19 at 6:00 – Volunteer Orientation and Training on Zoom

April 23 – TEDEX Talk CCU in Conway

April 28 – Dining Fundraiser at TGI Fridays in Surfside

May 1 – Inlet Queens Outdoor Market – PLC Info table/Items Sale in Murrells Inlet


If you’d be willing to help out at either of these events: TGIF Fundraiser—April 28 3:45 to 8:00 Sale at Inlet Queens Outdoor Market May 1 from 9:00 to 4:00. Contact [email protected].


We have a student who was reading at the Grade 1 level when she started with us. She “graduated” from tutoring and is now at grade level and ready for the regular classroom. She has been attending home- school for the past two years as her mom was concerned that she was being ignored in the public- school setting. After all, she was very shy and not very confident about her ability to read. This young woman has blossomed with her tutor! She is making friends more easily, talking to people more easily, and is very confident about reading. She likes to read to younger children to encourage them to read. Children who feel ignored in class are not going to learn as well as those who feel a part of the class. Sometimes that is a matter of confidence about their own skills. Tutoring is 1:1 and relationships are built through the ongoing learning process. We need tutors to help our community and our children.


Library Book Clubs

Thrill Seekers Book Club – Socastee Library – 843-915-5283

Chapin’s Chapters Book Club – Chapin Memorial Library – 843-918-1275

Shady Lit Wits Book Club – Carolina Forest Library – 843-915-5282


Catheryn: I am now reading In Pieces Sally Field’s autobiography. The book took seven years to write. Her unsettled life, relationships with her family, and her ups and downs in the acting world were very much not quite what I expected. Her chaotic life included a childhood painful in so many ways; her early work limited; and her initial marriage fell apart with two small children.

As the sole breadwinner, she had a husband in/out of work/school, a halfsister who came/went, and at times supported her alcoholic mother, whom she loved. I am now twothirds of the way through the book and
to a point where I figure she begins to explain how her life turned around to become more than “Gidget” or “The Flying Nun.” 

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