May 2022

From the Director:

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to report that April was quite a
successful month for Palmetto Literacy Council.
s a recap of what we did to promote PLC and
the volunteers who assisted:

We participated in 3 Volunteer Fairs:

HGTC Market Commons Campus Catheryn
Weitman, Carla Taylor, Kyndal Taylor, Dodi
& Mike Hodges

HGTC Conway Campus Dodi & Mike Hodges
N. Myrtle Beach Volunteer Fair
Jan Leonhard,

Mary Ellen Wyszynski, & JoAn Pittard
Events included:

TGI Friday’s Fundraising Event Jan Leonhard,
Mary Ellen Wyszynski, Linda Murphy, Polly
Putorti, Kim Savon

Inlet Queens Outdoor Market Bonnie Kelley,
Polly Putorti, Eileen Foulger, Linda Murphy,
Dodi, & Mike Hodges

Speaking Engagements to let the community know
who we are and hopefully have some of the folks who
participated volunteer:

Newcomer’s Club of the Grand Strand Bonnie
Kelley spoke to over 100 folks

Rotary Club of Murrell’s Inlet Dodi
100 Women Who Care
Preston McKeverFloyd introduced Dodi to the group

TEDx at CCU Dodi speaking & Mike Hodges on the clicker, Table: Jan Leonhard, Mary Ellen Wyszynski, Bobbie Lipman, Mary Ellen Lynch, Attended: Catheryn Weitman, and good to see Alesa Moreles there too!

PLC is making great strides to enact our mission to improve literacy in Horry County and all of our dedicat- ed volunteers are the key to our success. Our goal is to be the center for literacy education and training in Horry County. To that end, we continue to find ways to reach students who are in need of our services.

We appreciate the financial support provided by our community partners and by individuals alike. Please consider making a donation today at our website. And our need for volunteer tutors continues. Contact us if you are interested.

Enjoy this beautiful spring weather! 



Dodi Hodges Executive Director 




Dodi Hodges
Executive Director


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Inlet Queen Fundraiser and Raffle

Tutoring and Real World Living

Jan Leonhard


I love when I learn something new and then
see it mentioned somewhere else. I continued to learn new things every day and take joy in those discoveries. A few weeks ago, my student and I read
The Tallest Cactus” passage from the 2nd grade binder. We learned all about the Saguaro cactus and the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Coincidentally, I was going to Arizona a week later to visit with my FatherinLaw. While there, we went to the Sonoran Desert and we saw the Saguaro cacti; neither of which I knew anything about prior to reading the passage with my student. Life is grand!

When I got back, I was able to show my
student pictures of the cacti and show him
how we would have both been able to
answer the questions about the cacti on the
displays at the Desert Botanical Garden. He
was amazed to see a picture of little ol
standing next to a very large saguaro cactus. Being a tutor allows me to share these wonderful experiences with my student. PLC is helping both of us reshape the people we are. 


Preston McKever-Floyd


Many people find a sense of peace, wellbeing, and for some even bliss in experiencing a rainy day, a slow soaking or even driving rainstorm. For some the smell of the air before, during and after a rainstorm exhilarates them emotionally. Pluviophile is the term for such rain enthusiasts. This term is derived from the Latin pluvia, rain, and English, phile, for a person who’s fond with something. Unfortunately, for some, anything associated with rain, from a drizzle to a rainbow can trigger mild anx- iety or intense fear. The term for this is ombrophobic, derived from the Greek ombro, shower of rain,and phobetikos, liable to fear.” 



Bonnie: I read and listen to audio books usually have one of each going at the same time. My passion is historical fiction set in WW 2. In the early years of my nursing career, working at the VA Hospital ICU, I found that veterans from that war would talk of their time at war. Many would say that they never spoke to their families about that time, but on a night shift, with extreme illness, and a listening young RN in her early 20’s, they would share their stories. That being said, I find I read one book set during that time period then have to change the genre for the next book due to the emotions involved. My very favorite nonfiction of WW 2 is Renas Promise by Rena Kornreich Gelissen. My favorite historical fiction is The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. Currently I am reading The Indigo Girl which is set in rural South Carolina. 

Original artwork by local artist, Asher Robinson
30×30 framed print

Tickets are $10
And can be purchased at Inlet Queens
4905A US
17, Murrells Inlet Drawing to be held June 1, 2022

All proceeds go to Palmetto Literacy Council
Need not be present to win; artwork must be picked up at Inlet Queens. 

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